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Jon is a Director and Owner of Edge Mortgages.

He became a Mortgage Broker in 2004 after holding senior positions at Citibank, HSBC, AMP Banking and BNZ. His extensive experience in local and international banking positioned him perfectly to assist clients seeking all types of finance.

Exposure to residential and commercial lending has helped secure mortgages for clients with a range of borrowing requirements - from first home buyers to the biggest development companies in New Zealand. Jon uses this experience to make sure that whatever the type of deal he is working on; it is packaged and directed to the right lenders for approval. His highly ethical and professional standards have nurtured great working relationships with his clients and lenders, often allowing him to get results where others cannot.

Jon believes strongly in the power of property to build wealth and is a successful investor himself, with a large portfolio. He has also been personally involved in successful development projects. Lessons learned from the journey to owning multiple properties help his existing and aspiring investor-client’s alike.

He is known for securing finance for the more difficult proposals. As well as the full range of trading banks he also works with other funding lines to find solutions for clients with more challenging requirements. He works with top related professionals to make sure deals are structured correctly.

As a Director overseeing the business, Jon is committed not only to finding the best financial solutions for his clients but also ensuring the highest levels of service and integrity.

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