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Because they can save you money, time and even get you that dream home that you might otherwise miss out on.

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What is a mortgage broker anyway?

A Mortgage Broker is someone who acts independently of the banks and other financial institutions. They work with people who want finance (i.e. you) and possible lenders (e.g. the banks) to obtain a mortgage or other loan.

So how does a mortgage broker save you money?

An experienced mortgage broker will get the best home loan deal for you. They are not tied to any particular bank or lending company so they will review all that is being offered and work out which one is the best to achieve your goals – which may include:

  • Getting the best possible interest rates to reduce your repayments
  • Paying off the loan as quickly as possible
  • Using a home loan to finance other purchases
  • Making sure you get enough money for what you want to purchase.

How much does a mortgage broker cost to use?

Usually, nothing. Mortgage brokers earn a commission from the lenders.

Don’t the banks do the same thing as a mortgage broker?

No – a bank may review your financial situation, but will only present options that they have on offer. And this may not be the best offer you can get. They may even turn you down.

How does a mortgage broker save you time?

Applying for finance can be complicated. We know exactly what information a bank will need and make sure you get all that together before the loan application is made.

There is no need to shop around at each bank or financial institution and do all the comparison work, read the fine print or negotiate the deal yourself.

Your broker can also help fill out the necessary paperwork for your loan application.

How does a mortgage broker reduce the stress around getting a mortgage?

You probably have other things to worry about than filling in forms and reading the fine print. It is stressful trying to work out legal jargon, making sure you aren’t missing any important information like interest rate increases, fees and other conditions.

Let an expert do it for you so you can get on with finding that dream home!

Why shouldn’t I just go see my bank and negotiate with them?

Because an experienced mortgage broker has more negotiating power than a single person and is likely to get a better deal. You would also have to spend a lot of time researching all the options like interest rates and fees, from all the different lenders. You have a lot of other decisions to make like where to buy, what to buy, organising the move, insurance etc and may not have the time or mental energy to get into negotiations with several lenders.

A mortgage broker is on YOUR team and will negotiate for your best interests armed with experience and knowledge.

Can a mortgage broker get me a loan if I’ve already been turned down?

It is possible, yes. Sometimes people get turned down by a bank because of something in their financial history, because they don’t have all the records they need or are self employed. We have helped many people in this situation get a home loan successfully.

How do you choose which mortgage broker ?

Choose a broker with experience under their belt, along with experience in the banking and/or financial industry before they became a broker.

Also, your broker will need to know some quite personal details about your finances. You need someone who you feel comfortable with, communicate well with and who you can trust.