There is increasing speculation that the Reserve Bank is going to increase the official cash rate. If they don't put it up in the immediate future then all indications are that all rates will go up over the coming year.

If you've been enjoying the great run of low floating interest rates then now could be the time to look at fixing to give some stability of payment over the coming years. For a mortgage of $500,000 even a 1% interest rate rise means paying $416 a month more than you are now.

One of the services we offer, at no cost to you, is to negotiate great rates with the banks on your behalf. You don't need to move banks to get a competitive rate - if you're happy with your bank we'll get good rates with them. We have the contacts and leverage to get you the best rates.

All we need is a simple email from you giving us permission to speak to the bank and we take it from there - we make it quick & easy.

Get in touch with us today to talk about negotiating a great new rate for your mortgage.