According to an international property expert, New Zealand is only experiencing the "beginning" of the Chinese interest in our property.

Simon Henry, chief executive of Juwai, which helps Chinese buyers find property overseas says buyer demand will increase in the coming years.  Mr Henry said it was only the start of Chinese interest in the New Zealand housing market, and that the proximity to China was one factor.

And the average Chinese foreign buyer will spend $1.4 million for a property here.  That's about double that of a first-time or domestic buyer.

Mr Henry went on to say that New Zealand has a "fantastic" reputation in terms of produce, education, lifestyle and tourism.

Former National MP Tau Henare was adamant that concern over foreign ownership is racism. "People don't want Chinese to buy their houses, that's what people are saying," he said. A foreign investor register opened up the possibility of more racism and racist attacks, he said. "I kid you not, the next thing you're going to have is a Chinese register, a Jewish register, and all sorts of things that are abhorrent."

Source and full story: New Zealand Herald

The NBR reports Bayleys international directory Chris Bayley saying that Southeast Asian investor interest in the commercial property market is also continuing to grow.  He went on to say that “There is demand for well leased commercial investment property across all price ranges along with add-value development opportunities such as residential apartment complexes."

Educational opportunities are also driving interest among those looking to establish business here.