One of the good things about a holiday break is that it allows you to reflect on the good (and bad) things from the year before.

The start of a new year is often a time that people think about changing jobs, lifestyle or direction. Often people want change to provide a more secure and stress-free future and are willing to put in the work to shape that future now.

As Kiwis, we have had a long-term love affair with property and investment in this property, over time, has provided many Kiwis with that secure & stress-free future.

The last couple of years have seen large changes in lending criteria and those changes may not be over. If you are thinking about investing in any sort of property, then time is a key component. Like any sort of solid investment, history has shown a good property portfolio to grow over time.

Whilst past property performance is no guarantee of future return, investment in bricks and mortar still appeals to many people.

As Mortgage Advisers, we live and breathe lending and have access to number of different funding lines that the general public do not have.

On top of this we have the ability to maximise your borrowing ability through standard lending channels.

It costs you nothing to talk to us about your options and it may cost you a lot if you don’t.