For a long time, we have been writing (and talking) about the fact that it is getting harder to borrow from the banks, and indeed any lender. It is unfortunate that borrowing is getting harder and it would be much better if we could bring you good news once in a while, but that isn’t the truth of the market at the moment.

More than ever, the key with borrowing is to realise that, as a borrower, you are unique and the lenders are too. In the “good times” the banks often tend to run in a pack with very similar credit policies and approaches. When times get tough and money is short i.e. now, the differences between lenders becomes more marked.

The fact is that the difference between credit policies, pricing and the way banks measure how much you can afford to borrow has never been as great. As a borrower, you need to make sure that you have options and you are only going to have options if you visit every bank and get a good understanding of what they offer. You also need to appreciate that their offerings are always changing so you need to time your investigations and decisions to the exact time you are looking to borrow the money.

If the reality-check above gives you any pause for thought then consider getting us to do all the running round for you. We have a day-by-day overview of the best lender for your situation, whether you are getting a new loan or simply re-fixing.

Speaking to us costs you nothing but could save you a great deal.