House prices & housing affordability has ranked second of the most important problems facing New Zealand, according to the latest survey from Roy Morgan Research.

Housing issues including house prices, housing affordability, housing shortages and homelessness have all grown in importance for Kiwi respondents over the past few months. The concerns dominated the issues facing New Zealand with early voting for the election starting today.

The results found 26% of the respondents mentioned housing/homelessness issues as the most important problems facing New Zealand.

Housing concerns were also the two most often mentioned single issues, with 16% (up 2%) Kiwis mentioned house prices/housing affordability and 10% (up 1%) mentioned housing shortages/homelessness.

Poverty or the gap between rich and poor was again the biggest issue facing New Zealand, with 28% of the respondents mentioned economic issues as their biggest concerns. Global issues remain war, terrorism and poverty.

The research was conducted from 1,003 New Zealanders in August.