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Hi Michelle

We just wanted to follow up and say thank you very much for all your help earlier in the year. We are very happy with how things are going at Westpac. 

You and your team have done an absolutely amazing job. At first we weren’t sure if we would be accepted to refinance because of all the unsecured debt that we had but you did all the hard work to ensure that it all went through without lots of credit checks. Now things are a lot better for us financially and we can start thinking about planning for the future.

Thanks very much

- Jo and Jamie

”Good afternoon Michelle,

 Thank you for everything you did for us we appreciated it. 

 We are enjoying our new home and it is a different feeling than renting, how good is that... 

 Once again thank you very much for making my dream come true.”

"Thanks for your help and fantastic service I will be recommending your team to all."


Thanks again for all your help and support with buying our first house. You guys made what could have been a very stressful ordeal into a really smooth and easy process!

We appreciate all your help and will not hesitate to contact again when we have any more queries.

I have been working with Edge Mortgages for the last 3 years and have to say that Jon, Lisa and all the team at Edge Mortgages have been nothing short of superb.

Where to start, been a wild ride. Without Glen, Michelle McLoed and their team it would not have been possible.

With the rising rent prices in Auckland we had to get out. Found work in Hamilton Waikato, nowhere to live, got hold of Glen and then our journey began.

Keren and me, we’re risk takers.

That pays off a lot of time, but it meant that buying a house was a bit more fraught than it probably needed to be. We weren’t going to be happy with a tidy little two beddy in a nice neighbourhood.

No, we were looking for the opportunity, the smart buy - and that meant we needed a LOT more support from the people in the know.

That’s what Jon was for us.

We have always been scared of buying our first home, mainly because we didn’t really know what to expect and were constantly being told that buying your first home was one of the most stressful things next to death. In addition, it felt like we were always chasing the housing market which seemed financially out of reach.

When we were finally in a position to buy, we were told by a close friend that using a broker is the best way to go and that Edge Mortgages were among the best out there.

We pursued that recommendation and it was the best thing we could have ever done in purchasing our first home.

“I wouldn’t change anything. It was the first time I have used a brokerage service and everything about it was first rate.”

Sorry, I have been very busy of late, but meant to send you, Glen and the team a big thank you for making the NZ refinance such a painless process.