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Keren and me, we’re risk takers.

That pays off a lot of time, but it meant that buying a house was a bit more fraught than it probably needed to be. We weren’t going to be happy with a tidy little two beddy in a nice neighbourhood.

No, we were looking for the opportunity, the smart buy - and that meant we needed a LOT more support from the people in the know.

That’s what Jon was for us.

home loan testimonialWith endless patience, he looked into houses we’d spotted, steered us away from lemons and talked us down off ledges when it all got too much. He was also really good at pulling rank when he need to - for example, he secured more funding than we asked for because he suspected we’d end up needing it (we did).

Jon must have breathed a sigh of relief when we finally found a property. His work was done and he could spend time with his family again.


True to form, we chose a place that we need to settle on within a few days. It was a bargain, but man did we need to move fast. From seeing the property for the first time to moving in was only two weeks. Seriously, 14 days. How is that even possible?

Because of Jon, that’s how. He actually managed to get a bank manager to do something for us after for 4pm on a Friday. That’s nothing short of miraculous, to be honest.

Throughout, we felt like he was totally on our team, ready to jump into action and draw on his expertise and networks to meet our totally unreasonable time-frames, all with a calming voice and a smile. I just hope he finds something else to fill his days now.

Then the deal he got us (even though we had zero bargaining power) was A++-would-trade-again.

We’re a lot less poor than we expected to be, which makes living in our glorious hovel of a house that much easier.